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Do you find it difficult to talk about different colours when you order by telephone? The right colour is essential for special requests or weddings. It can be particularly frustrating to be exact in which colour you precisely mean. We have therefore developed this exclusive tool to assist you - the Fresh Flower Colour Guide. Created to communicate colours easily. We have used this colour chart for many years now and find it a fantastic help when talking colours.

It works as follows: the colours are marked with a number and a name in 7 different languages. The majority of our products on our price list are matched with the colour chart. The relevant number is listed by the product. By the ‘*’ you can see that the colour can be found in the colour chart (for example *Light Pink).

Naturally flowers are living things and can change their colours constantly during the maturing process. Therefore we have chosen to match the flowers the moment they arrive at Barendsen. However, some colours cannot unfortunately be matched due to the many colour changes during the season. These receive no name or number. We would like to point out that the colour code and name is only an indication. It is intended only as a helping hand; it is difficult to describe something so accurate that is so diverse and a living product. 

For more information about colours, we advise you to have your colour chart on hand when talking to one of our Sales Staff. Together with the assistance of the Colour Guide, we can get the best match possible according to your wishes.