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In general

Barendsen is a company with a long history.  Founded more than a 100 years ago, we have built up an excellent reputation in providing quality products and service. For many years we have delivered cut flowers to more than 30 different countries. Our sales staff are multi-lingual so more often than not, can assist you in your own language. Barendsen doesn't only deliver cut flowers, but many other products. For more information on what we provide, please browse through our website.

At Barendsen our ultimate aim is to offer the best price and quality possible, whilst providing excellent customer service. Barendsen commands high standards with the products we buy. Our experienced buyers know only too well which are the best products to buy for you. Various sources include the Aalsmeer Auction, other leading auctions, or directly from the growers. In addition to this, they also collect products from abroad. Barendsen is also actively involved with various projects, in order to improve the quality of our products in every way possible!

An optimal service here at Barendsen means that we do our utmost to satisfy the requirements of our clients. We deliver an extensive assortment of products in the desired amounts and packaging. We have a specially designed logistics system, that means even the smallest order is processed accurately. Not only the wholesalers, but also our retailers requirements are provided with skill.

Since January 2022, Barendsen has been part of the Dutch Flower Group (DFG).

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