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The staff about Barendsen

In all the departments at Barendsen, all the staff are passionate and enthusiastic about their work. With their knowledge and dedication, they do their utmost to provide the best possible service to our customers.


Rob, Roses Purchaser

Every day, together with a great team of colleagues, we work very hard to fulfill the wishes of our clients, and we have built up a very tight relationship with many Rose Breeders. They always do their very best to deliver only the best products. It's hectic on a daily basis but always different and never boring!


Marcel, Floor Employee:

Barendsen is a company where absolutely everything happens on a daily basis. I am extremely proud to work for a company that has existed for almost 100 years, and have the privilege to work surrounded by so many beautiful flowers and plants. This provides 100% job satisfaction!


Eric, Sales Representative:

In a warm, familiar atmosphere we try to meet all our clients’ wishes on a daily basis. Our clients are central in our company and quality is our guide. In addition, innovation is very high on the agenda, both on a product basis as well as operationally.


Debbie, Administration Officer:

Barendsen is a great company to work for. A lot of my colleagues including me, have worked here for a long time. The atmosphere is wonderful and I go to work every day with pleasure.