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FloraPodium has been created to connect floral specialists, to inspire and surprise them by showcasing exclusive and extraordinary floral products.

By selecting these exclusive and special products, we hope FloraPodium will inspire floral specialists to connect both digitally and personally. The FloraPodium is meant to be a meeting place for all parties involved and will serve as a shopping window for as many special products as we can find.

The menu

When having dinner at a quality restaurant you may often be offered a specialty of the day apart from the regular menu. This dish has been carefully selected by the chef and is often accompanied by a wonderful story about the origins of that particular dish, thus adding value and making the experience even more gratifying.

FloraPodium is the addition of the general menu. On the stage you have 'day dishes' that can surprise you. Exclusive and special products with a story. There are products that you might not choose in the first instance but which can still be attractive. FloraPodium puts products in the spotlight that are different, innovative or special.

This is us

FloraPodium belongs to everyone. Every week other people work on the development of all videos, flower arrangements and information. Everyone is welcome to contribute to this platform so that we can inspire each other!